DIY Stepping Stones

This past summer my daughter became obsessed with playing “The Floor is Lava”. She kept wanting to play it outside but moving around outdoor patio furniture became a huge task. I looked at various brands of stepping stones online and couldn’t believe how expensive they were so I decided to get creative and come up with my own version!

I wanted something that wouldn’t slip, was inexpensive, light & portable so I could bring them with me in a suitcase or easily carry along in a bag to outdoor play dates or to use indoors in our place on tiled floors. I immediately thought about yoga mats! I went to the dollar store and bought 2 different colour yoga mats. I spread the mats out, traces circles over them using overturned bowls and then cut them out. I used two different size circles to make game play a little more challenging and fun!

Kids always find a way of creating fun with things too in ways you least expect! My daughter and her friends all want to help spread the yoga mat stepping stones out to setup, they like to create their own paths (someone just steps on pink & the other only on blue) or our version of Floor is Lava Simon Says when I call out “everyone get on blue etc.”. If you want it’s not a bad idea to have 3 different colour yoga mats so kids have another fun option.

The yoga mat stepping stones have also been amazing for my daughter to safely have outdoor play dates with other kids during a time when it’s been kind of challenging. The game doesn’t require kids to physically touch each other or share anything for any parents looking for creative ways to get kids moving together without direct contact.

So far my daughter has got a ton of use out of our DIY floor is lava stepping stones and have had lots of playdates with them!

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